I love visiting the San Antonio sunset strip. Mambo, Cafe Del Mar, Golden Buddha. Even down to the bay for Kumharas to be treated to not only the sunset but a party laid on especially for it. Last night though, I decided to see a different view of it and head out of San Antonio towards Cala Conta. A ten minute drive up from Port Des Torrent (okay, maybe 20 as we got a little lost) and you will find the hippy style, sea hugging restaurant Sunset Ashram.

Set on the cliff edge with beautiful views of the Islands dotted around about in the bluey green seas it is well worth the trip.

Sunset Ashram2

It is a popular spot, so booking is definitely advisable otherwise you may be met with a tut and a disappointed look from the busy and frazzled staff, especially if you are just ordering drinks. We managed to bag a ‘reserved table’ for well over an hour without being disturbed and enjoyed watching the sun dance about behind the clouds before setting in the distance.

If you do decide on a visit, then make sure you either drive or have sorted yourself a way to get back. My own experience of requesting the venue to order us a taxi as the signal on my phone had disappeared, left us with having to bag a lift home from one of the staff at the end of the shift. Luckily their delicious gin and tonics took the edge off the wait, otherwise I think we could have been watching the sun appear the next morning, no bad thing though I suppose with this view.


Cala Conta, S/N 07829, Sant Agustí Des Vedra, Sant Josep De Sa Talaia (Eivissa)



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