This is the new much-hyped new restaurant in the island’s new Hard Rock Hotel by two-starred chef Paco Roncero – billed a Spanish version of Heston Blumenthal and one of the world’s greatest culinary talents.

“It is thrilling stuff. A bit like Disneyland on acid.”

A new restaurant dubbed the most expensive in the world and which sets you back an eye-watering £1,210 a head.

The Hotel’s PR agency took a small group of press last weekend to sample a couple of dishes. Now they are ooked up and only seat 12 people.

So, what does £1,200 – the price, per person of dinner at Sublimotion, Ibiza – buy you? Self-mixing cocktails, vivid 360-degree projections, and a pillow of nitrogenised olive oil.

Tables And Dining At Ibiza Restaurant Sublimotion

You are asked to pour liquids into measuring beakers and suddenly your self-made concoction inexplicably begins bubbling before our eyes.

As the air hostesses pour the delicious liquid into martini glasses, the previously gloomy room suddenly turns bright white as it becomes a virtual 360 degree cinema.

You’re transported to different scenes and themes throughout your evening.

It’s not unlike walking out of a cinema matinee into the sunshine.

It is thrilling stuff. A bit like Disneyland on acid.

And then there’s the food. Oh, the food!

Nitrogen-frozen olive oil parcels come suspended on a mini washing line complete with wooden pegs.

It sounds dubious but each morsel is mouth-wateringly delicious.

Ibiza Restaurant Sublimotion Rose Dish

Then the table morphs into what appears to be a DJ booth as some sort of macaroon-type cake levitates – yes, levitates – in front of you on a spinning CD.

It’s so bonkers, it’s hard to do it justice.

As well as individually matching the food with the jaw-dropping visas, chef Paco even alters the temperature and humidity to enhance the experience.

Other dishes are said to include a foie gras doughnut that enters the room by balloon (correct, a balloon) and a clam dish which you eat “under the sea” with jellyfish floating around you.

McDonalds it isn’t.

So is it worth the price? I don’t think any meal, however lavish, is worth £1,210.

Or, put another way, £14,520 per sitting.

Even with 28, hugely talented, staff working behind the scenes for just a handful of diners.

But for the sheer theatre and sense of occasion, this so-called “gastro sensory adventure” is unrivalled.

And with the restaurant booked up for all manner of un-named celebrities, Russian oligarchs and multi-millionaires, it seems people are prepared to part with their cash to experience something truly unique.


Sublimotion is at the new Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza

B&B doubles from £194 per night.

Credit: Daily Record


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