On the face of things, Ibiza is an ultra cool party island.

This island hotspot is a beacon for pleasure seekers from across the globe – with its thriving club scene and its worldwide reputation as the best place to dance.

You can be forgiven for thinking Ibiza is simply a party island, full of raucous revellers and hedonistic holiday makers. Ibiza has an often overlooked more tranquil side to it.

This is a place where people from all over the world come to follow their passions, like music, food and even yoga. Set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

Whether you’re here to relax or rave, Ibiza is certainly an idealic place to escape to. It has a free-wheeling way of life that gives people the chance to reinvent themselves.

For 221 square miles, Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic islands and lies midways between Spain’s east coast and Mallorca.

Much like island itself, Ibiza Town is divided into two parts. On one side you have the Dalt Villa which is the upper old part crowned by a beautiful cathedral. The other side is the more modern part which is called ‘Eixample’ which means ‘The Extension’. Both sides are divided by a vast monumentally-scaled rampart.

Protected by a series of battlements, this magnificent fortified town created a formidable barrier against would-be invaders from the sea. As conquering armies sought to add this Medittarean jewel to its crown.

Walking around Ibiza Old Town is like taking a stroll through a three-dimensional history book. The streets and buildings tell of the development of the island – first under the Carthaginians, then the Romans, mainland Spain, the Moors, Reconquista and the 13th century and more recently the modern world and mass tourism.

It’s a visual treat of sunshine and shadow inexorably drawing you upward towards the clear blue Midittarean sky. When you’ve climbed as high as you can in the Upper Town of Dalta Villa, you come to a lovely piazza with a beautiful cathedral. It’s like a rather wonderful architectural cherry on top of a fantastic cake.

With stunning views over a fertile part of Ibiza, that with its quality seasonal products and expert artisan producers, its gaining a fast reputation as a foodie haven, this house has all the right ingredients.

The tastiest of all has to be the chance to dine alfresco under a stunning silvery moon. Long boozy lunches followed by a siesta in the afternoon.

In Ibiza food is very seasonal – everywhere you walk is just a foragers paradise.

Music is an obvious connection on the island but cuisine is a little less obvious. The government realise that the clubs have got their market so about five years ago they decided to push the whole food industry. A lot of famous chefs are opening restaurants and it’s a whole new movement for Ibiza.

Ibiza is home to some of the best places ever to watch the Spanish sun go down. Blessed with beautiful landscapes, stunning coastline and a vibrant cultural life, people come to this island for a host of different reasons. For many, it’s a chance to worship the sun.

Ibiza is well known for music but it also attracts world-class artists, because the island’s sophistication can’t overshadow the elemental forces that play here. There can be few better places to appreciate its transformational beauty than the mysterious Time and Space created in 2014 by Australian sculpture Andrew Rogers, it’s a place to come and contemplate. This monumental artwork is Ibiza’s answer to Stone Henge. It consists of 13 huge rock pillars topped with gold paint to reflect the suns rays everyday.

Ibiza has a very new health-focused lifestyle and a growing reputation for alternative therapies. And with lots of eclectic energies and cool and calm places to unwind, it’s easy to understand why. Like practicing yoga on a beach to wash any worries away.

What ultimately makes Ibiza so special is its ability to adapt. To take the best of all the rich cultural influences on offer, make them uniquely Ibizan yet with worldwide appeal.

Parties and peaceful tranquility are two sides of the same coin. Interdependent parts of the island where one couldn’t exist without the other and somehow the result is a sum much greater than its parts. The cosmopolitan culture of this place punches way above its weight in terms of design, architecture, food, fashion and of course music.


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