Healing Ibiza has established itself as the official opening to the season for many of those on the Island. Set up and ran by volunteers, the intention is to bring you a calm and natural experience. Very different to what you might find at any of the club openings! And being set in the beautiful grounds of Atzaro Spa in the heart of the Island, you can feel the love from the minute you walk in.

The event offered workshops, talks, meditation, yoga and healing’s along with stalls promoting natural and creative projects from those linked with the Island, that’s a lot of hard graft to bring you two days of serenity! But they really did make it work, the day flowed really well and you could bounce between a therapeutic dance workshop to learning how to discover your wonderful unique self or just hang out under the orange trees. With signs beaming with positive statements such as ‘I AM PEACE’ and ‘WHAT YOU DO MAKES A DIFFERENCE’ you really couldn’t help but feel the love.

As this year was much more relaxed for me, I was determined to make the most of all the treats they had on offer. The therapies and healing’s are on a donation basis and there was the usual queue of people trying to remain smiley whilst desperately hoping the person in front didn’t steal the last time slot. But the Universe was obviously on my side and success was mine, hooray! And before I knew it I was in a blessed out state, covered in crystals and Reiki energy at the talented hands of one of the volunteers.

The main hub of the event could be found at the musician’s stage, where a host of gifted artists (who had all volunteered their time) showed off their talents. Feeling a little too relaxed, I left before sunset but have been told by several people I missed the best opening party on the Island that night.

I did return the following day for a workshop ran by Kundalini teacher Trish Whelan, which as always was a very magical yoga session, only topped by a meditation accompanied by live musicians The Kamari Project. Even a glass windows offering others a perfect view of me waving my arms around like a loony didn’t deter me, I was draining every last drop of the good vibes on offer.

The night and event came to a close in the only way it could, holding hands in a circle with a strangers and hugging someone you’ve never met. By that point I’d left the awkwardness at the door, because it really is all about the love.


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