Eating and drinking in Ibiza bars and restaurants will attack your senses like no place else. It’s down to the accessibility of fresh ingredients grown on the island all year round and of course the individualistic style that the venues provide for them. That’s why there’s so many new places opening up every-time there’s a sunset and so much competition on the horizon.

1STK Ibiza

Located at Marina Botafoch, STK Ibiza is one of the sexiest modern steakhouses to land on the island. It’s a unique concept that artfully blends the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge into one, offering a dynamic, fine dining experience with the superior quality of a traditional steakhouse. STK distinguishes itself by emphasizing the social experience and taking a vibe-driven approach to fine dining. Every venue has a DJ to create an infectious, high-energy atmosphere and the sleek environment is designed to encourage guests to interact and mingle. Ultimately, STK aims to define the modern dining experience complete with incredible food, world-class service and the perfect ambiance. STK Rebel offers the same vibe-driven steakhouse with a slightly broader menu targeting both lunch and dinner guests.

2El Portalon

This summer, the brains behind Babylon Beach Ibiza and renowned food writer and cook Anne Sijmonsbergen have teamed up to take the reins of restaurant El Portalon in Ibiza Town. Breathing new life into this much-loved local space, the menu will now focus entirely on modern, local, sustainable food that is based as much as possible around the island’s natural food cycle. Dishes like Leon Cecina, almonds, fresh cherry and parsley, as well as fresh tortello of local ricotta and spinach will all be sourced from local artisans, if not Sijmonsbergen’s very own organic farm. The restaurant has also undergone an internal transformation, with a brand new kitchen and updated décor ushering in a new period for the iconic eatery that sits majestically within the walls of Dalt Vila. Try and grab a spot on the outside courtyard as night descends, where you can fully immerse yourself in the flavours, the ambience and the inescapable magic of Ibiza Town by night.

3Project Social

A key element of Santa Eulalia’s continued ‘cooli’ renaissance, Project Social became a firm favourite with locals last winter thanks to its hearty sized portions, warm, welcoming staff and up for anything spirit. There’s an undeniably London vibe (aka people with big beards occasionally hang out here) to this industrial inspired venue, in part due to its serving of craft beers and handcrafted cocktails, and also because its founders, sibling duo Kate and James Parfitt, and fellow founder, Rodrigo da Silva, all have an acclaimed history at some of the city’s most celebrated drinking institutions. The result is a little slice of London on a street corner on Ibiza, where burgers reign supreme and Sundays are of course, all about the roast dinner.

4The Cotton Fitness Club Restaurant & Bar

Cotton have taken over a derelict eye-sore corner space on the curvy sunset strip of San Antonio. Featuring a cutting edge raw food & juice bar and a semi-formal restaurant, approaching health and wellbeing with a goal of being truly high on life, at Cotton Fitness Club champagne or a glass of wine with dinner can consequently make as much good sense as a Broccoli Booster. It all depends who you are, and who you want to be. You’re welcome for breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks, and beach dwellers for all-day laid-back living with signature Falcon Shades and luxury sunbeds.

5HEART Ibiza

The opening of Heart in 2015 was one of Ibiza’s biggest ever culinary events. Born after a conversation with the world acclaimed Adria brothers and Guy Laliberté, the director of the legendary Cirque Du Soleil. Together they set to push all boundaries by creating one on the most innovative and avant-garde dining experiences the world has ever seen. This year however Adria and his team have turned their focus closer to home concentrating on the provenance of the island. In true homage to Spain, expect to see some of Adria’s immortal creations like the ‘olive spherifications’ (an olive juice sphere that bursts in your mouth), the finest Jamon Cinco Jotas 100% Ibérico and gravity defying tostada that is so light it could float into space. All this whilst you experience a fantastical, spectacular Cirque Du Soleil performance truly a once in a lifetime gastro-visual extravaganza.
Sit back, enjoy and attempt to expect the unexpected.


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