El Kiosko can often be overlooked. Found along the bay road, but without your usual PR dragging customers in, it tends to be full of those that are seeking something different from the usual bars you find in the bay. With the clientele all there of their own free will, this is always a winning sign for me. It has a cute, homely atmosphere and a cool Ibizian vibe. The friendly and smiley staff all contribute to the welcoming feel of the bar.

“Thin bases and fresh ingredients…”

If you don’t get full up on the mountain of free monkey nuts (and they never complain when I ask for more) given out with your drink purchase, then the menu is definitely worth a try. It might offer the typical dishes of pizza and salad you seem to get on every menu out here, but these are the really well done ones. Thin bases and fresh ingredients on the pizza’s and the salads are pretty tasty, no mound of lettuce leaves hiding slivers of soggy tomato like you can often get. I enjoyed the mixed salad and homemade hummus, which was fresh and beautifully presented, along with an iced coffee and mound of cream on top.

My companion ordered a piadina, which was filled with fresh mozzarella and tasty pesto, along with a creamy pineapple, orange and lime smoothie. I can’t find a bad word to say about the food, it was great and the smiley chef who checked on our order only made it taste even more delicious.

El Kiosko 3

Alongside this they offer the typical holiday cocktail menu. Unfortunately my old fave, the strawberry mojito wasn’t listed and when asked if they could make it for me, was advised to stick to the menu as they make them so well. Much to my disappointment this was not the case. The standard mojito I requested instead arrived sugar-less and even when we asked for sugar to add ourselves there was no offer to remake them. I munched on my remaining monkey nuts with a big sad face, knowing I would have to end my article with a neg bomb. But there you go, it’s an honest review so I will only tell you the truth. However, I want to tell you to give it a go yourself, because it really is worth a visit. Go, seek the smiley staff and well made food and enjoy the great atmosphere because it really is a little gem.

It is always a winner for me when two of my favourite things can be combined, in this case the gorgeous sunset bar in San Antonio bay Kumharis and the Ibiza legend that is Paco Fernandez.

Every Tuesday night from 8.30 pm you will find him, his band (including a DJ, rap artist and flamenco dancer) take the stage for an evening of musical bliss. It is a fail safe for me, I discovered it last year and now take any friends visiting there and have never been disappointed. In an Ibiza World of basslines, strobe lights and sweaty people chatting crap in your ear this is a welcome escape.

Paco begins his set with a beautiful guitar solo, warming up the crowd ready for his band

You may wonder what is going to happen as the dancer takes the stage with her walking sticks in either hand, but the performance is amazing. Paco takes a seat and allows her to own the stage, along with the sticks and

Soon the DJ and rapper have their time, along with Paco and his guitar and the crowd soon liven up.


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