I have long listened to the stories of Blue Marlin’s epic Sunday parties, but in all my years here have never managed a visit. So when a friend offered a lift there, I decided to ditch my plan of Space opening and give something new a try. I presumed it would be a more sophisticated affair but as we were welcomed by three Italians frolicking in the entrance’s water feature (despite the securities protests) I sbegan to think that maybe this wouldn’t be quite a subdued as expected. I wasn’t wrong, the party was in full throw and judging by the amount of champers being popped it was unlikely those Italians’ antics would be the craziest that evening.

Bluemarlinibiza 2

We managed to find a spot at the bar and although it was pretty hectic the quick moving staff got us served with delicious and very strong strawberry mojitos in no time. We made our way onto the outside decking to join the crowds and enjoyed bouncing music. With hands in the air, dancing on the sofas and champers being thrown around like it didn’t cost an eye watering amount of money and the crowd were certainly loving every second of it.

Bluemarlinibiza 5

We decided to move down towards the rocks and enjoy the slightly calmer atmosphere and the view. Other than the party goer, who had decided to take a quick forty winks on the rather uncomfortable looking rocks, it was made up of some pretty amazing and jealousy inducing yachts. We made a guess that the well known silver liner was Naomi Campbell’s (thank you gossip mags) and that the one playing its music at a volume to rival that of Blue Marlins probably didn’t give a f*@k and to be honest if we owned a boat like that, neither would we.

We left after enjoying a few more of the yummy cocktails, a little tipsy but knowing that our heads would not be hurting as badly as the man swigging directly from his own two litre bottle of vodka. In our cases, not enough money and a little too much sense.





Photography: marphotography.es


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