Atzaro is a well known Spa and hotel found in the heart of Ibiza, with a reputation as one of the must go places to visit if you are after some real luxury me time. They offer spa treatments, yoga and beautiful pools to relax at, along with a great day and evening menu, so pretty much have all your holiday boxes ticked.

I have been there once before, for an event in my first season, four years ago but today I get to see it in its natural state and it is stunningly huge. The bright and vibrant orange’s dotted around off set the greeny blue pool and painted white trees beautifully, this place feels alive. Plus with the large signs shouting LOVE at you, you can’t help but feel as great as your surroundings.


After admiring the view it’s time for lunch. The menu offers great choice, but yes it was definitely more on the pricier side. At 25E for the three course set menu, it was great value but it was a little out of my price range for my lunch. As there were two of us we ordered three starters from the normal menu to share. Falafel, nachos and guacamole along with hummus and crudités, all were delicious and were just about finished. At between 9E – 11E it was pretty reasonable (along with the view!) but I was a bit miffed that they roll we were kindly offered at the beginning was then actually charged, the sneaksters.


My intention for the day was that after lunch I would stay on and get some work done, with dips in the pool giving me well deserved breaks from the computer. However I soon found out the pool can only be used by guests and day pass holders and the Wifi doesn’t actually work, which kind of threw a spanner in the days plan. BUT, determined to put the whole roll fiasco behind me I found myself a bed by the pool, loaded up Microsoft word and got started on this blog post.

With the birds swooping down into the water beside me I certainly couldn’t complain, but to be honest I could have set up office in their toilets they were so beautifully designed and those hand towels.divine.

I left feeling refreshed and with a few of those lovely oranges in my bag, in lieu of the extra spent on the bread rolls I thought it only fair.I’ll let it go tomorrow, promise.


Ctra. Sant Joan KM 15


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