June 7, 2014 saw the celebration of the 42nd edition of the Pasarela ADLIB Ibiza. Exhibiting with a dazzling and stylish catwalk in Santa Eulalia, the label didn’t fail to dazzle the Balearic fashionista audience.

Establishing itself in 1972, the comfort, freshness and originality of these garments that kept their line intact, are renewed each year by designers.

After forty-two years, the Adlib style returns every summer to dazzle Ibiza and tourists. Showcasing a hippie style, out of respect for the natural ways of the body, comfort and essence of Ibiza.

Successfully creating a timelessly fashionable stylw, this year’s show was draped in pastels and whites.

The show ended with a bold ‘Ibiza Says NO’ statement directed at the dig for oil campaign.





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