San Antonio offers a great place to base any Ibiza holiday and as most of the holiday checklist can be ticked off just by staying in the town, it’s always worth finding some time to step out of it’s borders. These spots can all be enjoyed on the cheap and at minimal effort, plus you’ll feel like a much better person when your picture gallery can include more than you stood in front of the DC10 sign or the Amnesia laser show. Enjoy.

1. Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town

It might be across the other side of the Island, but in Ibiza terms this isn’t far at all. Ibiza Town can be reached in around 30 minutes on the bus and at under a fiver for a return ticket it will hardly break the bank. With air conditioned buses (which run every 15 minutes during high season), music and a food trolley selling freshly made tapas (okay that last bit isn’t true), it is an easy and hassle free journey. Fair enough, Ibiza is not known for its abundance of high street shops, but walk further into town and amongst the cobbled streets and you will find not only your branded club shops, but a wealth of cute little boutiques and market stalls for you to hunt out some bargains.

Personally I think the best time to visit is late in the afternoon. Head towards Dalt Villa and enjoy its beauty, then grab a coffee and stare in awe at the huge boats on show in the port. You can then explore the windy market streets and watch them come alive as the night time vibe descends on the town and spot one of the great club parades that dance through the streets. Finish with one of the great restaurants you’ll find dotted throughout the walls and down around the port. There is always a reasonably priced meal to be had and the bars down at the port offer drinks deals to rival those in the West end. You can go straight from there onto a club (Pacha is just down the road) or jump on a bus back to San An in time for some more West End craziness.

2. Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia

Found slightly above Ibiza Town on the East Coast of the Island Santa Eulalia hosts not only a beautiful town to mooch around but also a great stretch of beach to catch some rays. Admittedly the bus times can be slightly odd (it’s worth double checking with the bus station staff as they are not as regular as Ibiza Town) but at around a forty minutes ride across the Island it’s quick enough to reach.

You can cover all bases with your visit there, shopping, beach, followed by great menu del dia along either the restaurant street or down along the beach front. Relax and enjoy the many 2-1 on cocktails on offer while you mingle with the locals and watch life pass you by.

3. Cala Salada

Cala Salada

Just up from San Antonio Cala Salada is best reached by car, motorbike or taxi. You won’t be looking at much over 10 Euro though and it is definitely worth the spend. Walk down to the beach and you are welcomed by a beautiful little cove, but don’t stop there. Follow those you see clambering over the rocks and you are hit by a beautiful, secluded, clear watered beach. The rocky overpass is walked constantly by beach seekers, but if the thought of clambering over rocks makes your hands even more clammy than the Ibiza sun already is then hand your friends your bag and get in the water. A short swim from the first beach, round the rocks and you’ll find yourself there. Whether it’s the climb or the swim you choose, it’s well worth the effort.

4. Port Des Torrent

Port Des Torrent

If you are feeling adventurous then Port Des Torrent can be reached by foot, by following the coast path all the way along the bay road and then across the flat rock path. Otherwise, jump on a bus and you’ll find yourself there in no time. Port Des Torrent offers a cute beach to relax on along with a great spot for watching the sunset, away from the masses. Finish your ray catching by heading to the beach bar Imagine which doesn’t just bring you great mojitos but also DJ’s to serenade you into sunset and the night ahead.

5. Es Vedra

Es Vedra

Okay, yes you do need your own transport for this one! But I had to put it in because this is a spot sure to take your breath away and being only a short drive around the coast from San Antonio it is completely worth the journey. Es Vedra is the most magical spot you’ll find on the Island. Said to be the third most magnetic place in the World, even to those with zero hippy tendencies you are bound to feel the energy of it as you approach. Head out of San Antonio towards San Josep and follow the signs for Cala d’hort. Once there you can either head down to the beach and enjoy the view whilst swimming in the beautiful waters or head back up the hill, take a right and go to one of the viewing platforms where you’ll see her in all her glory. Take a picnic, settle in and just enjoy being part of this incredible sight.


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